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Chanelle - Bondie


CB, Bondie

Favourite Cupcake

Raspberry Ripple

& Why

Mudcake + Raspberry Jelly + my favourite Raspberry Buttercream loaded with ganache = party in your mouth!

How do you like to eat your cupcake

on a plate with a fork

Where did your passion for baking come from

Mmmm gosh I don't know

First thing you ever baked

my first cupcakes were baked nearly 9 years ago, they were so flippin ugly but my goodness they tasted good!

Ultimate flavour combo

Favourite moment at Bondie so far

following the moving truck from my house to the new shop, i felt so proud that this little ‘home hobby’ I started 18months ago has grown into a real live business model.

Biggest fail at Bondie

buying 500 branded re-usable cups - I still really like them…..but seems I might be the only one :-(


You can achieve ANYTHING!

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